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The Best Home Valuer increasing their borrowing capacity

Home-buyers can go about increasing their borrowing capacity so that they can borrow more or that they can get the better loan.This is an awesome interview and some of the tips that he gave I had never heard of before.It’s definitely one worth listening to all the way to the end.

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So here we go, here’s video with Brad. Ryan Hey, this is Ryan from PositiveCashflowAustraliaand today I’ve got with me again Brad from OceanHomelands which you can find at

Today we are talking about something that I think is very exciting which is how you can increase your borrowing capacity. So, thanks for coming along today Brad and letting me interview you. We wanted to talk about ways that investors or even first home buyers increase their borrowing capacity.

We were talking about this before the video and some of these things I had just never heard of so I’m pretty excited to get your insight.Brad That’s great. There’s this sense of a one such as not having a lot of other debt.The problem one is obviously credit cards.

A credit card is not what you own on the credit how to get land valuation by property valuer card, it’s the limit you have on the credit card. Flashing around that platinum $, limit credit card or $,  credit card is not the greatest thing when you’re borrowing your first time, that’s for sure.

Because that equals $,  of the gross income that you have per year. Ryan, I think people, investors, and buyers need to understand this. It’s not how much debt.

you have on the credit card, it’s how many limits you have. Because you or I can go out tomorrow and we could bet it all black at the roulette table and it could come out red or green and.

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