About Us

Nusa Dua Beach Properties- the dreams properties

Nusa Dua Beach Properties are listed among the top graded properties in the city. We offer you all the luxurious of life beneath the roof of your house. We offer you the most expensive neighborhood in the city. Our properties are located over a big area which is 411.932 sq m or 4,434 square foot for each apartment.  Each apartment is fully furnished and is designed exclusively by Cecotti Collezioni. The walls floors and doors are made up of Italian imported wood and stone which adds further beauty to the apartment. We have been into this business since forty five years and have left no stone unturned into the world of real estate. We value our customers a lot because it is their love and appreciation which has made this big journey possible for us.

We firmly believe in quality as well as quantity and therefore our properties are reasonably priced as compared to the other properties situated in various parts of the city. To keep you in a good mood all the time we have hired the famous Japanese artist named Hiroshi Senju. She has painted beautifully for us and we have displayed her work in every house. The apartments are very big having 5 master bed rooms (one bed room is fully furnished with bunk beds), 7 bathrooms (5 full baths and 2 partial baths), one big store room to keep all the un-used stuffs and one gyming room with all the basic gyming equipments. At the entrance towards the way of the hall there is a big shoe store unit which can store about 300 shoe pairs. This can help you to keep your house away from unwanted dust.

The apartment is incredibly decorated with fabulous outdoor spaces (extensive porches, decks & other outdoor living areas). It has a big over seized windows which allows light to pour inside the house. The house has elegant exteriors which metal roofs. The houses reveal an array of options & styles to avail the benefits of the cool sea breeze entering into the house through the open windows. The Nusa Dua Beach Properties are exclusively designed to match your relaxing vision. The kitchen area and the utility area is compact with all the modern amenities of life. To add to the luxury the living room has comfortable sofas, a roaring wood burner & a big picture (painted by Hiroshi Senju) facing towards the sea beach.